Life Choice: Start a side business?

I changed jobs a little over a year ago and of course immediately had a set of people who reached out, “oh, you were successful at this HORRIBLE JOB HUNTING THING – can you help me?”  So I looked at a few resumes, gave a little feedback. Occasionally, we sat down and battered the resume into the shape they needed. Thus far 100% of the people I’ve helped found a new job within like 3 months or so. A bunch of them got that special job that was the only one they applied for.

It’s sort of a joke that this happens for the first three to six months in new jobs. Over a year later and instead of stopping it’s actually expanding. I’ve looked at a few resumes of people I don’t even know that well. This week someone reached out to me who I’ve never met (we run in similar circles but I’m pretty sure we’ve never met).

I’ve blogged before about when does a hobby become a job but I meant writing! Like being an author. Or a blogger. Or an artist… not “resume reviewer.”

I am having to seriously ask myself if this is something I want to pick up on a side. I kind of enjoy it. Editing sure is easier when it’s not something I wrote! And I try never to give feedback without explaining my reason. Even if that reason is “I think it makes the page easier on the eye,” there is after all psychology that attractive people are more likely to be hired/promoted. And, this is giving me good editing experience – a lot of writers started as editors in some place or time. There are probably skills there I could really use.

At the same time, I am struggling to be a writer already. Pushing to find the time and energy. If I want to try to get published, is trying to pick up a secondary income (even a small one) worth the time and stress?