Politicis: Open Letter to Senators

I wrote to both of my senators early in July after the SCOTUS (Supreme Court Of The United States) ruling on Michigan v. EPA. Sadly, albeit not surprisingly, I got no response. So I am turning it into an open letter on the internet and I would encourage everyone to seriously consider reaching out to your representatives.

There are serious issues in our world today, and I think taking care of our own health and the health of our planet should be really high on that list. Look to the major cities that have literally had to shut down schools and tell parents to keep their children indoors – because of pollution. If this isn’t your issue (I get it), at least consider how important it is that our legal leaders know what we care about. If this is something you care about, feel free to use my letter to let our legislators know they need to act.

I am writing on the SCOTUS ruling on Michigan v. EPA. The rules that the EPA had put in place were designed to help people. Businesses are hurting the environment and the people in those environments.

I want to see legislation proposed by you to address the need to continue aggressively addressing environmental/human protection. As someone who lives in Atlanta with asthma, I can say without hesitation that these changes are necessary. Anyone who has been in Atlanta between June and August can SEE the smog on a hot day. Anyone who is sensitive to air quality can tell you that it is a problem.

I do not have a lot of options as a consumer on some of these businesses practicing their high-particulate-polluting business. Georgia Power doesn’t have strong competition within this state. Without having a free market option to dissuade them from this dangerous practice – I ask for regulation.

The CDC estimated over $50 BILLION lost from asthma alone and the number of people being diagnosed has steadily increased over the past 20 years. There has been a strong link between particulate pollutants and increased asthmatic episodes – including hospitalizations and death. That’s just asthma, I’m not as informed on the other health-related issues (I know bronchitis is on the list) which are caused by harmful pollutants which the EPA WAS addressing.

Now that SCOTUS has ruled, the ball is your court to present a change to the Clean Air Act or to create new legislation to address our need for protection for particulate pollutants produced by businesses. Provide me, and your constituents, the protection we need from dangerous and unethical businesses which disregard our beautiful state’s best resource: our people.