Life Memories:Today is National Nap Day and National Get Over It Day

Today is National Nap day. My mother informed me of this when she called me this morning.  I went to Google to check and found it is is also national meatball day, national barbie day, national crab meat day, and national get over it day.  Yes – these are days.

It’s this last day that interested me.  National Get Over It day – so I did one more search to find that is a day in which you should “let go of hurt, bitterness, and disappointments” and is purposefully half-way between Valentine’s Day and April Fools day (a holiday I detest with every fiber of my being).  There is even a website set up for the day…

It’s a good thing to remember.  Not to dwell on a past. I’ve spent months of my life pondering how an event got to X point. How a relationship turned sour. Why this or that failed. How I should have done better.  Today is the day to get over it.  Pick something and say, “I’m never going to dwell on that again.”

There is one friendship I lost several years ago that I have grieved for ever since. Even after all these years, I don’t know that I could have done things differently.  It still hurts that I have no idea where that person is.  I cut her out of my life because she kept hurting me, but it doesn’t heal the wound of the loss of a beloved friend. What I really need is to remember the good memories prior to that last year or so of our “friendship.” I need to focus on the movies we enjoyed. Remind myself of the laughter we shared.

And I need to get over it that she has made it clear in the last ten years she didn’t believe or doesn’t want to take up my farewell that if she was ready, I would always be here for her. I haven’t wanted to give it up, I have kept hoping she would someday reach out and say “hey, I saw X and thought of you.”  I need to get over it and reading that today is National Get Over It Day made me decide today is the right day. And then I should take a nap.