Manners: Who controls your body?

I couldn’t sleep this morning, so at 5:30, I rolled over and started browsing facebook.  Two things popped up in my feed that made me see a little red.  The first was an old friend trying to make a joke:

“Remember ladies men are dogs. Which means when we do something wrong like grab your ass or fondle your tits you are supposed to rub our noses in them to teach us a lesson.”

The second was a story about a Montana legislature who wants to outlaw wearing yoga pants in public.

I tend to avoid commenting on bait like these, but both of the showed up within a few scrolls of my thumb and I just… I had to.  So to the friend I told him I’m not sure that literally comparing women to crap is the message he wants to convey – even if he’s trying to be funny.  To “reply” to the second I decided to bring it here.  So first off, the man wants to ban any and all exposed nipples – male or female.  Apparently, when this man sees another man’s nipple, he is reminded that women have nipples too and loses all self-control.  And seriously, women wearing yoga pants are just reminding him that they all have vaginas. Because you know. Ankles and legs and hips are just… OMG.  So for him to avoid having to remember to control his own self he expects women to have their bodies regulated so that we don’t remind him that we could have sex with him.

This is some of the worst of the concept that women can be responsible in any way for a man’s thoughts. And there are some great blog posts (here and here are good starts) that already address the lunacy of women being in any way responsible for a man’s lustful thoughts.

I always like to point out to men how insulted I would be if everyone kept telling me I’m worse than an animal. Yes, I said worse than an animal. I have explained this to several of my guy friends before this way (and there is irony given what prompted this post:

Does your dog shit on the floor? No? So you are telling me your dog has enough self-control to hold it until he can be in the proper environment before he takes a shit? Good, we’ve established that dogs have a concept of self-control.  I don’t know about you, I’d be pretty pissed about those people saying you are dumber than a dog.  All I’m saying is you shouldn’t shit on the floor.

Most of them get very defensive and I can’t entirely blame them. It is a crass comparison. It is insulting to make them think of controlling their lustful thoughts along the same bodily function lines as going to the bathroom. The ones who get most upset are the ones who don’t want to have to be responsible for their thoughts (and actions on those thoughts). Unfortunately, when I  tell people this they tend to call me a bitch.  But hey, I guess they’re still saying I’m smart enough that I don’t shit on the floor.