Writing: Magic exploration

I thought today I would walk through an example of my “back end” thought process on Magic. I have a magic system that I want to have “locked” from a past conflict in the world.  It has minimized the magic any one person has and definitely minimized magic in the world. The “adventure” for the protagonist will be her (initially unwitting) cascade of unleashing this magic back into her world. My struggle is that I want to have relatively-low-magic but not NO magic.  So I am trying to set limitations: Healers all have a random disability (blindness, deafness, loss of motor skills, debilitating migraines, etc.) because theirs is actually DEATH magic.  They don’t know this… Fire starters can’t feel injuries – making them TERRIBLE to try to use in battle.  They might be dying of a wound and not have any clue about it until they’ve bled too close to death to be saved. Water manipulators ??? – I don’t

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