Review: Thor Ragnarok

I will try to avoid spoilers in this review, but I can’t 100% guarantee I won’t “spoil” some…. surprise? I had to put a question mark there because that is my greatest criticism.  I didn’t feel like this movie was surprising.  I went in thinking “Ok, I expect to see this, this and this character” (100% from the trailer even though one of them wasn’t in the trailer) and then “I think they could make other and other work in the right way if they wanted to” (I hit 50% there).  I reached over when something happened in the first ten minutes and I knew I had been right about them including one of my guesses. It was a fun movie. I thoroughly enjoyed my two (ish) hours watching it.  I liked how engaged the audience of my theater was (I find it fun when everyone laughs and people squeak and stuff).  I enjoyed the music but, again, I don’t feel like it

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