Politics: Running Congress

I want to run congress. Not run for congress. I want to become the parliamentarian that congressional representatives have to listen to. I have a plan to fix congress. And it means I have to be allowed to be mean to congressional reps. Well, maybe not mean, but not nice either. Here is my list of requirements: Two white boards/smart boards Every desk is a tablet/touchscreen PC.  On boot, it is locked and they must log in to use it. Said PC/screen has two voting buttons in the top left/right corners and then split screen. The right-side is my side as “admin” and the left is live-streamed to their website – any constituent can watch what they are researching during any meeting Here’s the plan. Today we’re going to talk about Education.  I bring in two giant white boards. I then call for order and say, “Today’s issue was submitted by Susan Smith of Topeka Kansas and has 3.2 million votes. Each

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