Review: Planet Explorers (video game)

I started this game in early access. And Re-started when it was released. So I haven’t finished it. I’ll argue that I don’t have to hit 100% to write up a in-play review of the game! Especially because this has been a fun game from the start. Oh, it isn’t perfect, but for anyone who enjoyed Mass Effect – you will probably enjoy this game too! Pros: Ok, so I love building games and this game puts building into a position of pride and joy. The tools have some learning curve, but both the building-building AND the vehicle building is a ton of fun. (Did I mention you get to design vehicles – cars, boats and planes/helicopters!!!) Any sandbox/simulation game could take notes and build from PE to have an awesome builders experience. Story is another element I have enjoyed (so far).  It is a tad predictable, but nothing that makes me roll my eyes so much it hurts.  And the improvements

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