Review: Dark Horse/Lightning’s Daughter

So during December, I am going to do some “throwback” reviews. Books that have been in my library as long as I’ve had it.  With my recent house purchase I have been unpacking my books. I lost some books. So with renewed access to my full library, I want to go back to some of my earliest inspirations.  For this first set of reviews it will be serials; and I am grouping the books MY way. Mary H. Herbert is actually a “hometown” writer. I found one of her books in my school library and only later learned I was in the same grade as her daughter – in my school. I remember looking at the book and feeling the “click” that writers didn’t have to be dead white men. Something I loved could come from a living person with people in the real world. So she, as an author, holds a strong place in my life as an inspiration

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