Review: The Maze Runner

This book, by James Dashner, was suggested by Goodreads as one I would enjoy because I enjoyed Hunger Games.  I read a few of the reviews and they either raved about it or hated it. I was intrigued (and it was like $0.99 on Google Play).  So I picked it up, knowing it probably wasn’t going to be a world-smashing title, but very curious. Overall: 3.5/5 I am possibly being generous on this review because this is not written for adults. This book was definitely written for YA – maybe even middle grades.  If I had read this book when I was ~12, I would have been fascinated.  The world concept was intriguing. And much like Lord of the Flies, these are almost caricatures rather than characters. I mean, the book even eventually explains these kids are all named/nick-named after famous scientists rather than “owning” their names. Taking into account that the characters are not the driving element in this book…. Characters: Thomas and Teresa had a bit of

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